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Dear travelers to North Thailand,

Information regarding the weather and update on potential climate changes or natural catastrophes, as floods, etc.

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March 2015

Very warm month of march, with a lot's of haze. Rain on the 26th and storms in Chiangmai and North. Now the sky is blue and the air is clear. Perfect for any outdoor trip. We expect a busy Thai New Year Holiday on 13, 14, 15 april.

December 2014

Particularly warm temperature at the moment. No rain. Perfect weather for trekking and cycling.

November 2014

A mild month of November with not much rain, and warm temperature

October 2014


September 2014

The month of September is usually the wettest month in the north with heavy rain and floods. Floods in Mae Sai and Chiangrai province. No particular warning. River rafting trip on the Pai river is operational with no flooding.

August 2014

The raining season is present throughout the country, but no heavy rain and floods are predicted. This month also is a perfect climate for outdoor activities, especially white water rafting.

July 2014

The raining season is present throughout the country, but no heavy rain and floods are predicted. This month also is a perfect climate for outdoor activities, especially white water rafting.

June 2014

The raining season is present throughout the country, but no heavy rain and floods are predicted. This month also is a perfect climate for outdoor activities. However, very hot under the sun.

May 2014

Some rain all over the country and the North. Raining season is here, and the climate is perfect for outdoor activities this month Very hot under the sun.

April 2014

Very warm, and still hazy. Thunderstorms and rain have cleaned out the sky around first week of April, so much better. More tropical storms possibly around Thai New Year in mid April. Still not great period to travel, unless lot of rain. Nature is still very dry. But good news is that the raining season is coming. Month of May should be very nice and green!

March 2014

Very Hot, and dry, and hazy. Definitely not the best time to visit North Thailand. This year again, due to the forest fires, the haze as reached a dangerous level all over the North. Plane have been cancelled due to poor visibility. From Bangkok Post: "Chiang Mai: Thick haze blanketing the North forced the diversion of four flights en route to Chiang Mai airport yesterday. Visibility of less than 2,000m yesterday morning made landing in Chiang Mai impossible.

The Aerothai source said Chiang Mai was blanketed by more than 200 micrograms per cubic metre of fine particle dust for a second consecutive day yesterday.

The level of fine dust particles at provincial hall was measured at 282 micrograms per cubic metre yesterday, while Yupparaj School recorded 234. The province has recorded its worst air quality in five years due to the persistent haze."

Read the full article on the Bangkok Post:

We are still running some tours, but if you have the choice, I would recommend to wait until end of April. First rain and tropical storm prior the raining season are usually starting mid-April. Eventually after first rain the particles will be gone.

February 2014: Still cold at night, especially in the mountains for those sleeping in bamboo huts or basic accommodation. The day tremperatures are warm now, in the 28oC, but it is still great for cycling, especially in the morning. In Chiangmai, morning temperature in the 15oC. And make sure you take fleece for all trips.

January 2014: Still cold at night, especially in the mountains for those sleeping in bamboo huts or homestays during our trekking. Day temperature is good, in the 20oC's so it's perfect for cycling and trek. Make sure you take fleece and warm clothe if you are going on an overnight trip in the mountain. Happy New Year.

December 2013: Rain mid-month. Then a very cold weather for the last week of December and through the New Year.

November 2013: Few warnings of floods last month, but nothing in Chiangmai. Actually it was a very dry "raining season". Rain end of October will make our rafting season more fun. Trips are going out everyday with excellent weather and cool mornings.

October 2013: Announcement of floods, but nothing. Actually not much rain, except two last week of October due to typhoons. No flooding in North Thailand.

July 2013: After a dry month of June, finally the rain came. So far, a not so wet raining season, with river water levels still low. Our river trips are departing every day, while we are still trekking and cycling without getting all wet most days. July is a perfect month for Northern Thailand.

MARCH 2013: Huge tropical storm in Chiang Rai. Over 2000 houses damaged throughout the province. See news on the Bangkok Post online

CHIANG MAI, 26 March 2013: A smog covering most of northern Thailand will stop the annual exodus of Songkran holiday makers in its tracks unless nature comes to the rescue. Northern provinces are in the grip of a health threatening smog caused by the wholesale burning of paddy fields and forests across the Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Provincial governors say they are speeding up efforts to fight the haze and are closely monitoring burning activities, but on the ground scenes in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai provinces are identical to last year when thousands of residents had to seek hospital treatment to combat respiratory ailments. Read more on Thanks to TTR online.

North Thailand weather update March 2013: Time for the hot season! Warm temperatures throughout the month of March is predicted. Begin of March tropical storms are predicted. Evenings are warm. The haze has started as all the farmers are burning they dried rice fields in the plain, and as the valley is surrounded by mountains, the particles stagnate in the sky. We can't see the Doi Suthep mountain from the city center. We fear a dry and hot month of March, as usual....

North Thailand weather update February 2013: a cool temperature throughout the month of February is predicted. From 20th February onward, temperatures are raising and days are hot. Still cool evening. The sky is still blue and air is fresh despite the start of burning dried rice fields, and soon dead leaves and forests... We fear a dry and hot month of March....

North Thailand weather update January 2013: a mild temperature is announced for the month of January. New Year was not cold as previous years. Beautiful sky every day and fresh air. Great to cycle around the mountains and valleys.

North Thailand weather update December 2012: Northern Thailand will remain fairly warm this month. No temperature drop. However if you are taking a trip with a mountain stay, dont' forget to bring a fleece or some warm clothes.

North Thailand weather update October 5th 2012: Northern Thailand has been fairly dry, no floods in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Probably some heavy rain this week-end in the mountain, but not much in town. No floods. Rivers for rafting as the Pai and Maetang river are a good level. Temperature is pleasant and not too hot. All or rafting trips went through this season as no flood in North Thailand.

North Thailand weather update August 15th 2012: Northern Thailand is kept dry. Not a lot of rain up to today in North Thailand. No floods. Rivers for rafting as the Pai and Maetang river are a perfect level. Temperature is fairly high during the day and all our trips are departing

North Thailand weather update> June 2012: Sporadic rain some days/nights all over Northern Thailand. Temperature is still fairly high and air is humid. Perfect weather for all "outdoor" trip! Try our kayaking programs at the Sri Lanna National Park !

North Thailand weather update MAY 09th 2012: A few days of heavy rain in North Thailand just finished. Sun is back again, perhaps rain during the night. This looks like the two coming months will be perfect to travel and participate in outdoor trips in North Thailand. Blue sky, green lush nature. Sporadic rain some days/nights. Temperature is fairly high during the day.

North Thailand weather update APRIL 2012: Good news, the raining season is coming.... As of end of April, some rain has come over the city and the surroundings valleys. The nature is green again, and the sky is finally blue after a very dry and ugly month of March.

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