Chiangdao valley, the city and it’s mountain

A mere 70 kilometers north of Chiang Mai on Highway 107, which leads to the town of Fang, lies the town
of Chiang Dao, and the famous mountain of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, which at 2240 meters, is Thailand’s
third largest peak. The town itself is of little interest, and there are no architectural sites here—this is
a place to enjoy the beauty of nature with the impressive backdrop of the majestic u-shaped limestone
mountain. Trekking, mountain biking, visits to hill tribe villages, bird watching and a mellow atmosphere
are what draw visitors to Chiang Dao.

From the center of town, a road leads five kilometers west to the base of the mountain and the Chiang
Dao Caves. There are several caves, some with electric lighting, and other require the services of a
guide (100 Baht per group) with a lantern. Outside the caves lies a Buddhist monastery with legions of gigantic carp in natural pools, surrounded by pagodas and Buddha’s statues.

A trek up the mountain is well worth considering— both the scenery while climbing and the views from the summit are superb. Many visitors, when they first see the imposing face of the mountain that overlooks the town, feel a powerful urge to experience it more fully. Although the climb is all on well-marked trails, this is a serious undertaking which entails spending a night on the top of the mountain. Since the mountain is part of the Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, the peak can be visited only from November until end-March.

ActiveThailand and The Padeng Lodge in Chiang Dao can organize the hike to the summit of Doi Chiangdao, for group of minimum 4 persons. This is not in our regular trip listing, so send us an email request.

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